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Name Wood
Source Plants, especially trees
Appearance hard, fibrous organic tissue

Wood is hard, fibrous, lignified structural tissue produced as secondary xylem in the stems of woody plants, notably trees. In a living tree, it conducts water and nutrients to the leaves and other growing tissues and has a support function enabling plants to reach large sizes.

People have used wood for millennia for many purposes especially as a construction material for making tools, weapons, furniture, packaging, artworks and paper; and as a fuel. Wood can also be dated to make inferences about when a wooden object was created, and the climate at that time.

On 13 January 2145, Dr. Rick Hawthorne suggested that ghosts -- of which he believed the VR Presence was an example -- were formerly attracted to the psychic emanations which had been absorbed by wooden buildings. Since modern construction relies on inorganic steel and plastics, he believed ghosts are drawn instead to the life energy concentrated in the VR Net.