The Sol System

The Sol System or Solar System refers to the sun, together with all the planets and other bodies that revolve around it. It formed approximately 5 billion years ago out of a slowly condensing cloud of debris and gas, probably left over from previous supernovae.

The tagline for the Dark Delights confectionery is Sol System's creamiest TFP chocolate.

The Economic Combines consider the Moon as the gateway to the Sol System, and have established numerous moonbases there.

On 28 October 2144, Doctor Winston Rylo revealed to a specially-convened World Congress that a holographic display device was discovered in a chamber inside Rylo-7. The holographic image was a map of the Sol System, demonstrating the trajectory of the asteroid -- a trajectory leading directly back to Jupiter's moon, Europa.

Winston Rylo reported another astronomical anomaly on 11 September 2145. An electronic signal of undetermined orgin was detected between Jupiter and Saturn, heading out of the Sol System. A few days later it was 500 AU away, having covered some 46 billion miles. This was later discovered to be a faster-than-light ship which was developed by the Shah-Ar project in Fortress Israel.