Economic Combine
North American Union (NAU)
Leader Madeleine Clarke
Capital Chicago
Languages English
Currency Credit
Flag The red and white strips of USA, with a white maple leaf alone on the blue corner field.

The North American Union is an Economic Combine, formed when the former nation-states known as Canada and the United States of America fused. This union has failed to compete successfully with either the European Community or the Hispanic Commonwealth.

In a bold effort, the NAU committed itself to the terraforming of Mars, an on-going project that drained and continues to drain billions of credits and resources from the Union. If Habitat Mars succeeds, it will provide the NAU with a world to populate, mine and exploit – but hidden from the citizens of the Union are the many setbacks and the true cost.


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The North American Union uses the democratic system of elections to fill the post of president. The only change from the 20th century setup is the removal of the archaic Electoral Colleges. There are still senators and mayors.


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The capital city of the NAU was moved to Chicago and much of the Combine's news stories originate in this city. Other noteworthy locations include Key West – home of the Florida mystic, Maria Gonzales – and the spaceport at Montauk.


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There have been very many references to the citizens of the NAU, most of whom appear in the news only once or twice. However, there are of course the major players in newsworthy fields including: