Economic Combine
Hispanic Commonwealth (HC)
Comunidad Hispánica
Leader Jorge Diaz
formerly Antonio Rodriguez
Capital Brasília
Languages English, Spanish
Currency RealPeso
Flag A sun face centered on a field of green.

The Hispanic Commonwealth was built on the strength, money and power of the Medellín Cartel which unified the Central and South American republics into a potent economic unit. But as drug use became decriminalized around the globe the centre of power shifted from Medellín. In what many consider an over-reaction, the HC is now the only Economic Combine which still has penalties for drug abuse.

One of the major tasks the HC has set for itself is the reforestation of the Amazon basin.


The Hispanic Commonwealth is a dictatorship headed by General Antonio Rodriguez. Despite this fact, Rodriguez is loved and admired by the many members of the HC for the prosperity they currently enjoy. Such loyalty and financial success will embolden him to attempt to place a surcharge on all HC goods and services – even a 'Clean Air Surcharge' tax for the air produced by the great jungles. Rodriguez's attempt at global extortion will fail.