Food is any substance usually composed primarily of carbohydrates, fats, water and/or proteins, that can be eaten or drunk by animals and people for nutrition or pleasure. Items considered food may be sourced from plants, animals, or other categories such as fungi or fermented products like alcohol.

With the world's population topping fifteen billion people, arable land is scarce. There have been many shortages and a couple of severe famines on the way to the 22nd century. The Hispanic Commonwealth and Islamic Federation have become the breadbaskets of the world – but they cannot supply nearly enough.

One of the most practical solutions has been textured fungal protein grown in huge underground vats.

Whilst it is nutritionally balanced, TFP is a poor substitute for real foodstuffs; most people agree that it is just not the same thing. As a result, many people grow their own vegetables – even in the cities every rooftop is a garden and outside every window with a sunny exposure hangs a windowbox sprouting vegetables. During the growing seasons, the southern flanks of most dwellings are festooned with window gardens like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Such homegrown vegetables are a welcome supplement to the diet, and any surplus is bartered in the credit-free underground economy.

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