is a tall cereal plant (Zea mays) which is cultivated in many varieties and has a jointed solid stem bearing the grain, seeds or kernels on large ears. The kernels of this plant are used for human food or for animal fodder.

In May 2144 the Islamic Federation announced a bumper harvest of recombinant corn and wheat from its Sahara farmlands.

Phood, Inc. introduced its latest innovation on 31 May 2144TFP corn on the cob. A spokesperson reported that the cob was also made of textured fungal protein, rendering it just as delicious as the niblets.

Special domed farms at the Habitat Mars complex produce abundant crops of food plants. Such is the surplus – far in excess of what is required by the Martian residents – that supplies of radishes, cucumbers and giant ears of corn are regularly shipped back to Earth.